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  Bialowieza National Park  Odessa - the pearl of the Black Sea  Western Ukraine. Dnister Canyon  Romania: Transylvania, Danaube Delta  Kiev. Ukraine  Warmia and Masuria  Kryvyi Rih – industrial tourism. Eastern Ukraine
Bialowieza National Park

Bialowieza - Eastern Poland - 200 km from Warsaw

What you will see ?

The only primal forest in Europe.
Żubr (European Bison) biggest european land mammal living in wilderness.

Place where eastern and western cultures meets, unique wooden architecture, churches and ortodox churches.
Here you can taste excellent cousine, being combination of Polish, Belarusian and Jewish influence.


Puszcza, fot. E ZwierzyńskaBiałowieża Primal forest – Białowieski National Park

It"s the only place in Europe where you can see primal forest and enourmous amount of flora. Białowieski National Park is included on UNESCO World Heritage list.

In Białowieski National Park, lives over 8000 invertebrates species, 120 bird species and 52 mammal species. Puszcza Białowieska is the last primal forest in Europe, centuries ago this kind of forest was existing in all greenwood areas. Białowieski National Park founded in 1921 is protecting the best preserved part of primal forest. Preservation of Białowieża forest was possible thanks to Polish kings and Russian tsars protection. Białowieża was under kings protection since XV century. Throught centuries forest was owned by royals. After fall of Polish state in XVIII century, Russian tsars owned and protected primal forest. Modernly primal forest is part of Poland and Belarus, here runs border between these two countries.



The symbol of the Białowieża Forest, however, is the European Bison. The species has been saved from extinction here. In the 18th century, the European Bison was almost completely eliminated during hunting trips of the rulers of the time and by poachers. The extermination started right after World War I, when groups of demobilised and demoralised soldiers poached in no man"s Białowieża Forest. In 1919, the last European Bison was killed. In 1925, the last Caucasian Wisent (Bison bonasus caucasicus) – slightly smaller than the European Bison from the Polish lowlands - was also killed. Białowieża brought specimens from zoological gardens; and initially, they were bred just like cows on a separate field. Only several years after the war, in 1952, the first specimens were released into the park. Currently, there are approximately 400 European Bisons in Poland and around 300 specimens in Belarus. There are only 3000 specimens in the whole world, and every single one of them has predecessors from Białowieża.


Where East meets West

Region of Białowieża is so called place where lies border between latin tradition and culture of Western Europe and Eastern European orthodox church. In border areas the biggest etnic group is Belarusian community. Here we can see orthodox church sacral architecture and traditional wooden building. Local cousine is influenced by Polish, Belarusian and regional – podlaskie impact.



Things you must see.


forestReserve under special protection.

It can be visited only with special guide. This unique place and it"s nature is not interfere by humans. We have the opportunity to see the whole life cycle of tree. Turists can notice huge amount of fallen trees, rotten trunks. We can hear primal forest sounds, sound of falling trees. Forest we visit is 500 years old. Trail is 4 km long and most of it goes thru footbridges.


Żubrs reserve

If you weren"t able to see Żubr in forrest, we can see it in special rerserve, it exists since 1938 and is 30 hectare long. Here we can see special breed of horse called Konik polski, mooses, deers, boars, żubroń (breed of żubr and cow), wolves and Żubr. Animals here live in heritage close to natural.



It is a part of Bialowieza forest, 6 km from Białowieża and 5 from Narewka. There are 3 interesting tourist trails, which you can see without guide. Hwożna we can visit on bicycles or on skies at winter.


cerkiewPalace park.

Sorrounds palace once belonging to Russian tsars, destroyed during war and later deconstructed. Park was founded in 1895. Park was designed in english style by Walerian Kronberg, most prominent designer those years. Nowadays here groves around 90 species of flora, and whole park is under protection. Very characteristic example of „tsar” architecture is orthodox church build with red brick, refering to adjacent buildings of old residence. Consecrating of church took place in 1888. Temple has two domes one with belfry. Iconostasis was build from chinese porcelain, brought from Sankt-Petersburg, that is the only relic in Poland.


Nature and Forest Białowieża museum

Museum was founded in interwar period. Exhibition is rich and the way of showing it is worth visiting. Here we can found most characteristic phytocenosises and ecological processes for example rotting of tree.


Looking for more?

Have a special organised trip to primal forest. See belarusian side of forest. Trips:


Official site of National Park





Travel Concierge

We will organise your trip to Białowieża Primal Forest.


How it works?

We will advice you how to travel to Warsaw, from here you will go to Białowieża. We will choose and reserve most suitable hotel, we will give you list of recommended hotels to choose. Cost: 40 to 70 euro for double room. (3* in downtown).
We will buy you bus tickets from Warsaw to Białowieża and back.

We will reserve accommodation for you it will be guesthouses with service in English (costs: around 40-60 euro for double room) example guesthouse : https://gawra.bialowieza.pl/en/

Since your arival to Białowieża, our parters will take care of you.

We will reserve trips for you or propose ones. We will give you special practical electronical guidebook with Warsaw guide. You can pay directly on hotels" bank account. Our fee is 80 euro for group from 1 to 4 people, above that 100 euro.


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