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  Bialowieza National Park  Odessa - the pearl of the Black Sea  Western Ukraine. Dnister Canyon  Romania: Transylvania, Danaube Delta  Kiev. Ukraine  Warmia and Masuria  Kryvyi Rih – industrial tourism. Eastern Ukraine
Western Ukraine. Dnister Canyon

Western Ukraine. Dnister Canyon

National Nature Park


DniestrYou will see:

the one of the largest canyons in Europe,

rare animals and birds,

beautiful landscapes,

old castles.


You can see Canion only from water during rafting on the river.


Dniester Canyon is stretching along three regions of Western Ukraine. Dniester is often referred to as one of grotathe most beautiful European rivers and is rightly called one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.

The Dniester Canyon impresses not only with its immensity, but also with breathtaking natural vistas: fantastic landscapes, rocky cliffs, overgrown with deciduous forests, numerous caves and grottoes, peculiar islands and waterfalls.

The canyon is home to one of the most beautiful European rivers - the Dnister. It is the second largest river in Ukraine, with the total length of 1365 km.

The place is home to a great number of natural treasures - the habitats of rare species, the nooks and crannies for animals and birds, abundant springs, hidden paths, oddly shaped cliffs and underground labyrinths… To protect these treasures, the Dnister Canyon National Nature Park with the territory of over 10,000 ha was created in 2010 in Ternopil Region of Ukraine.

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Ternopil (Tarnopol)

is the capitol of region. It is the one of the largest cities of western Ukraine. In the Middle Ages, Ternopil stood at the intersection of important trade routes, becoming an important center of commerce. The city was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since the late 18th century, but after the end of the World War I, it returned to Poland. In 1939, Ternopil became a part of the Soviet Union, and, since 1991, of independent Ukraine.

Tarnopil is quaiet green city with rich, interesting history. We can find there a lot of interesting natural, historical and architectural sights. The city"smain point is Old Castle from XVI century. Dominican Church from XVIII century present Baroque style. Near the church stands the Dominican monks’ living quarters. In Soviet times, the church was turned into a picture gallery; it is now active once again. A great lake situated in its center gives charm to the city. The lake is surrounded by a park and is a Tarnopilyan favorite place to spend free time.

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Tarnopil is the best point to start explorationof Canion and region. Combine a stay in Ternopil with a stay in Kiev or Lviv. It is easy train connection from Kiev (about 4 hours) and Lviv (1 hour). We recommend fast and comfortable train Intercity+: Kiev - Tarnopil - Lviv - Przemyśl (Poland). 


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