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Kryvyi Rih – industrial tourism. Eastern Ukraine

5,5 hours from Kyiv by Intercity train.

Among the steppe, people have created a unique place in the world with analogues of mountain landscapes Breathtaking views, including "Martian" red mountains and artificial lakes. We can see here one of the deepest quarries in the world 400 m deep into the earth. Kryvyi Rih is a large industrial center. Recently, the city has been developing industrial tourism.

KRIn the 9th-13th centuries, this region was under the control of Kievan Rus - a loose federation of East Slavic tribes. During the period of feudal disintegration, after the invasion of the Mongols, the territory of present Kryvyi Rih, as well as the entire Southern Black Sea Coast, was called the Wild Field. In this historical period, this territory was almost not populated. In the middle of the 16th century, the Zaporozhian Sich, a semi-autonomous polity of Cossacks, was created. Since the 17th century, the Cossacks began to settle on these lands and establish settlements.

At the end of the 19th century, iron deposits were found in the town and its suburbs. KR2After confirmation of significant iron deposits, the Saksahanskyi Mine was established in 1881. It was the first mine in the Kryvyi Rih region. In 1882, construction of the Kryvyi Rih railroad started. This railroad played an important role in boosting industrial development in the region. Metallurgy continued to develop, even during the Civil War in 1919–20. At this time, an administration system in the mining industry was formed. In 1924, construction of a power plant started in Kryvyi Rih. Soviet industrialization significantly boosted the development of a more modern ore mining and processing sector. The town continued to grow, merging together small villages that had sprung up around the mines. At present Kryvyi Rih plays a leading role in the economy of Ukraine, it is the main raw material base for the development of ferrous metallurgy.

Kryvyi Rih is one of the longest cities in Europe - the distance between the extreme northern and southern parts of the city is about 67 km in a straight line. The Kryvyi Rih Metrotram is a partially underground metrotram, or light rail.

City is open for tourist. It is specialized in industry tourism. Excursions are offered by specialised tourst company. We can see for example:

Southern Iron Ore Enrichment Works Quarry is a unique and exciting spectacle created by miners.

KR3Water-pump house o Hdantsivkyi Ironworks, locations o underground railway haulage and rock-lifting ramp o the mine, Belelyubskyi railway bridge over the river Inhulets (since 1884), the valley o the river Inhulets, location o the old Levin mine.

Small and Large quarries o Hdantsivskyi mine and its old dumps, modern and old ore dumps o JSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih. You are going to visit shores o the Soviet quarry with the salt lake, which is popularly called Alpine Lake.

Grand Canyon was formed as a result of overburden dumping by South Mining and Processing Complex and reaches 150m high on both sides of the Ingulets river bed. Instead of the plain, the valley of the river has been artificially transformed into a true mountain canyon. This formation has no analogues anywhere on the Earth. The Canyon is 2.2 km long, 150 m deep, 200 m wide at the bottom.

Moovie about Kryivy Rih: https://youtu.be/Pz7OyUtTiR4

official website: https://kr.gov.ua/

photos: Kryvyi Rih municipal administration


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